Van Mourik Family

This was truly a lovely experience… blast from the past and all!  You would not believe it but this lady and I went to school together…  It was so lovely to meet your gorgeous family Tosca!  I had an absolute ball!  Your girls are so sweet!

It was awesome to catch up a bit!

I hope you like these as much as I do!

Much love,


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Werner & Chantell Maternity Shoot

This was more than a pleasure!  It is such an honour and privilege to photograph this absolute highlight in your lives.  I know that you prayed for Ruvan for many many years.  It is such a joy to be witness to this miracle!

Werner and Chantell, you are  more than just friends to me!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this moment in your lives!  I really appreciate it!

I cannot wait to meet Ruvan and know that he will be a little bundle of joy to everyone he meets!  Be blessed my awesome friends!

Love you lots!

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Van der Heide Family

What a pleasure this was…  Not too often that I get the chance to photograph an extended family!  I had an amazing time with the Van der Heide family!

I even got the beautiful sunflowers afterwards as a gift!  Thanks so much Sanet!  They are truly happy in my dining room!

Erasmus Family

Phew, you guys made me work hard for this one…. 😉 This shoot was supposed to take place at the Wonderboom Fort.  We met up at 16:00 and started our VERY EXHAUSTING journey up the mountain.  Wish I came more prepared…  I should have worn trainers and brought some water with…

Nonetheless… We all struggled up the mountain.  Poor Mia walked almost all the way up there with a moon boot  on the foot…  Strongs girl… you taught me a thing or two.

Pieter met up with us later and when we were almost on the top, he came running op the mountain as if it was nothing!  Wow,  I was so out of breath and sweating like a pig and here he was all relaxed and ready to shoot…

Needless to say we sort of ran out of time and didn’t make the fort… after all that… I know right???  But it felt like hours up there and it didn’t seem that we were getting any closer to the fort, so we decided to have the shoot right there in the field.  It turned out pretty good with the sunset.

I was beyond tired afterwards, but it was so worth it… I now feel that perhaps we should have carried on that extra kilometer or so to reach the fort though…

I had a fun but exhausting time…  Thanks for getting me a little more into shape.. (I recon round is a shape right?)

You guys are awesome!

Neizel Family

What a pleasure this was!  Such an awesome loving family!  Thank you so much for trusting me with your memories!  You are all awesome!

Dann Family Shoot

It was an absolute pleasure photographing this lovely family!

Heidi, thanks for trusting me with your memories!  I really appreciate it!  Your boys are all lovely and so well mannered.  I had the best time with your family!

Matric Farewell Anel & Rion

You two are infectious!  What a lovely couple!  I had so much fun with you and your parents…

I hope you enjoyed your matric farewell and I trust that you two will both have very bright futures!

Beautiful Bianka the Ballerina

What can I say but… WOW?  I had the most awesome time with this lovely young lady.

Thank you so much Bianka for dancing in front of my lens…  You are such an inspiration.

Bea & Jededja The Ballerinas

I had the most awesome time with these lovely sisters.  So young and yet so talented.  Thank you so much for allowing me to go back in time… even if it was just for a little while….  I really appreciate it!

You are both gorgeous!  Your skill and elegancy astonishes me!

I hope you had as much fun as I had?